Spectator Info

No dogs or other pets are allowed at the course, including anywhere on the actual course or inside the recreational center. Please leave all pets at home or in your vehicle. Exceptions will be made only for trained service animals required for assisting individuals with disabilities.

You can view 90% the course from almost one spot! The course was built with both athletes and spectators in mind.

Parking is open to meet attendees in the lot south of the softball diamonds or in the splash pad lots. There is a bit of a walk from parking to the start and finish lines. There are not ‘rides’ available via golf carts, etc. unless the host(s) arrange to provide them.

There is a designated spectator area between the start and finish lines.

Spectators should take great caution to not cross over the running surface during races, but if you must, please be courteous to the runners and give PLENTY of time before you cross or wait until they pass you. Please encourage others to do this as well.

Spectators should not go under or over any flagging set anywhere on the course, including the finish area.

Spectators should remain behind the areas marked on the finish stretch at all times.

Meet hosts are responsible for parking charges, concessions, medical, etc.

Shelbyville Parks are LEAVE NO TRACE parks. Please take all trash with you as you leave and help by taking any you may see around.

We are always looking for help to make the venue better, so your donations of time, money, or items needed, are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help, please contact us!